The Legend’s Former Stripper “Night Rider” Involved in Metropolitan Money Store Scandal

You may have heard a few months back about the investigation into the Lanham-based Metropolitan Money Store Corp.’s role in the supposed largest mortgage/foreclosure scandal in Maryland history. Joy Jenise Jackson was the owner and when the story broke, several of my friends remembered clearly the radio commercials that played frequently on area stations, “Tell ‘em Joyce sent ya” or something to that effect.


Anyway, in Sunday’s Washington Post there were a lot more details about the Metropolitan Money Store investigation and Jackson’s extravagant lifestyle, including her $800,000 wedding that included a mini-concert by Patti Labelle. It was interesting to read that she used to perform at The Legends Nightclub (late 90′s to early 2000′s) under the exotic dancer name Night Rider. All I can say is, I guess she didn’t take LisaRaye’s advice to heart from The Player’s Club. “Make that money girl, don’t let it make you” …lol.


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6 Responses to The Legend’s Former Stripper “Night Rider” Involved in Metropolitan Money Store Scandal

  1. Chris says:

    I urge anyone that is in trouble with their mortgage company to avaoid companies that claim they can save your house and let you stay in it. I work for a foreclosure firm that is one of the largest in the area and we even handled Joy’s foreclosure. READ B4 U SIGN, PLEASE

  2. Maximus says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  3. PG Chic says:

    There was coverage on NBC Nightly News recently that included interviews of some victims of the alleged scam who are in danger of losing their homes, video footage of the Joy Jenise Jackson wedding, and among other things a photo of Ms. Jackson during her exotic dancer days. Word on the street is that she is no where to be found…not sure if that’s true. The FBI is investigating the case.


    (See screenshot below from NBC Nightly News Video – MSNBC Story: Vulnerable Homeowners Target of Scams)


    Joy Jenise Jackson as Night Rider at Legends Nightclub (as reported by NBC Nightly News on Video - Vulnerable Homeowners Target of Scams)

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    Homeowners Sue Mortgage Company – D.C. Residents Allege Fraud, Say They Were Vulnerable Targets

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