Lavar Arrington’s Sideline Sports Bar – Finally Open in Largo, Md. at The Blvd.

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Lavar Arrington's Sideline Sports Bar - Front Door. Copyright PG Chic, LLC.


After a lot of local anticipation and waiting, Lavar Arrington’s Sideline Sports Bar finally opened on Wednesday (1/30) in Largo, MD at The Blvd. — just in time for this weekend’s Super Bowl. I had an opportunity to check out the restaurant on Friday evening before the crowd. As I approached the front door, I was greeted by a bouncer who looked remarkably like Faizon Love — and I told him so (but I said “Big Worm”…lol) — who carded me. The rule is 21 and over after 8pm and a strict dress code is enforced (no shirt, no shoes, no entry…just kidding – the dress code is no athletic wear, hats, athletic caps or skull caps, tennis shoes, timberlands, or workboots).


As I entered the restaurant, I was promptly greeted by two hostesses. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Also, there were quite a few secret-service types in all black suits standing at their posts. Some of the highlights of the restaurant include the bar that sits inside the giant football, the 8 flat-screen TVs around the bar, the reservable VIP area on the main floor of the restaurant with optional semi-private curtains, the main large screen in the center of the restaurant, the flat screen TVs under the glass of some of the tables, and Lavar Arrington’s VIP lounge area that hovers over the restaurant.


Football Bar

Lavar Arrington's Sideline Sports Bar - Football Bar. Copyright PG Chic, LLC.


Football Bar (Closer View)

Lavar Arrington's Sideline Sports Bar - Football Bar. Copyright PG Chic, LLC.


Main Flat-Screen TV

Lavar Arrington's Sideline Sports Bar - Main TV. Copyright PG Chic, LLC.


I did not have time to indulge in food or “spirits”, so I will definitely post another blog entry in the near future to comment on food and service. I did look at the menu, which includes a wide assortment of appetizers (ranging from $5-10), seafood and steak entrees ($9-26), several burgers and sandwiches ($8-10), and soups and salads ($5-$14). Also, varying order sizes of wings from 10 wings to 100 wings (ranging from $8-$70) is on the menu with a variety of sauces to choose from–mild, medium, hot, super hot, Jamaican, BBQ, honey mustard, Cajun, Chesapeake, and teriyaki. I‘ll have to see how these wings rate against the area favorite Cluck-U. The menu looks appetizing and if you’re wondering, they have both a crab cake entrée (two 8oz jumbo lump) and a Maryland crab cake sandwich on the menu. Lastly, there is also a very reasonable 4-item kid’s menu at $4 each. Side note– I peeped the “18% gratuity may be added to any check” (yes, “any”) on the main menu…just a head up if you know you’re a bad tipper…lol.


Overall, I was impressed with the layout, decor, and ambience so far. The crowd was professional African Americans in business attire, which I am sure was directly related to the time and day that I went (Friday after work around 7pm). Again, I will post another blog entry in the near future with more commentary.


Reservable VIP Area on Main Floor of Restaurant


Lavar Arrington's Sideline Sports Bar - Reservable VIP Area on Main Floor of Restaurant. Copyright PG Chic, LLC.


Note: I was told by the staff that the reservable VIP area (on the main floor of the restaurant) fee is $500, but please call the restaurant for current reservation information. The number is 301-336-0056 and the address is the location of the previous Red Star Tavern, 880 Capital Center Blvd. at the Boulevard at Capital Center in Largo, MD.


Football Bar Flat-Screen TVs

Lavar Arrington's Sideline Sports Bar - Inside Football Bar and Flat-Screen TVs. Copyright PG Chic, LLC.


Football Bar Flat-Screen TVs (Side View)

Lavar Arrington's Sideline Sports Bar - Football Bar Flat-Screen TVs. Copyright PG Chic, LLC.


Two Flat-Screen TVs under Glass on a Few Tables

Lavar Arrington's Sideline Sports Bar - Two LG Flat-Screen TVs under Glass on a Few Tables. Copyright PG Chic, LLC.


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34 Responses to Lavar Arrington’s Sideline Sports Bar – Finally Open in Largo, Md. at The Blvd.

  1. Dawn P says:

    Cool! I look forward to checking the new spot out. I’m sure it was packed today! I just hope that it stays nice…remember how the BET Soundstage started out nice. LOL

  2. Sophie says:

    Hi PG Chic, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful article you have written regarding The Sideline. I was one of the hostesses that greeted you. I love the site it is very informative about many of the events and news in Prince Georges County. I’ll be sure to save it in my Favs. We really support the enthusiasm and support shown by our patrons. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!! Once again thank you :)

  3. PG Chic says:

    Thanks, Sophie and Dawn. I hope law enforcement can keep The Blvd. safe to help positive businesses like The Sideline stay open.

  4. Ms. Largie says:

    I honored Sideline with my presence on Saturday Feb 2, 2008 at 8 for a private VIP party. All the servers were friendly and eager to help. I must say that I am dissappointed with the billing process. My friends and I asked for a bill to leave the restaurant as we had somewhere else to be. The server took more than 10 minutes to get us our bill, mind you she took 45 minutes. On top of that, she charged me the total cost of the bill twice to my credit card cause I had to check her for for taking so damn long to get me the bill in the first place. Her excuse, Sideline is having difficulties with there billing. Not a good start to this restaurant that I liked. I might not go back because of this incident but if I do bring cash!

  5. Sammie D. says:

    I know i’m late…but what exactly happened to Red Star Tavern?

  6. Jarrett says:

    I was thinking about doing a post on this, but looks like you’ve already done a wonderful job of describing the joint.

    As a PG-to-Baltimore transplant, I’m just to lazy to get back home to eat Arrington burgers.

  7. tbabes says:

    I love the rotisseire chicken/roast chicken it was off the chain.

  8. PG Chic says:

    You have me wanting to go right now! I finally went back tonight and had their lump crab cake — single serving. It was pretty good. Also, their hot wings were tasty. My friends ordered crab soup, and grilled salmon salad. No complaints on food. I was a litle disappointed that I didn’t get to try their crab pretzel, which the waitress said was sold out.

  9. Joseph Harrell says:

    Good morning, I was at Sideline last Friday eveining and enjoyed every minute I was present. The food, atmosphere, and service was great! The personal handshake with Mr. Arrington was the best!! Also, I’d like to know the cost to reserve a “private” area for a party of 8 this Friday night. Thanks, Joe

  10. JWilk says:

    I have to check this out. Do they play low lounge music or none like Jaspers?
    It reminds me (looking at pics) of the sports “My Place” in Largo Town center. Wonder how they’re taking this… lol

  11. Paul & Beverly Iglesia says:

    We heard so much about the place that we decided to visit. However we cannot tell you anything about the cuisine because we never got to taste it (no fault of our own). We were promptly greeted at the door and seated quickly. We sat there for approximately 10 minutes+ and no one ever came to the table. At least 4 waitresses walked by and never looked our way. We eat out alot and never have we been ignored in that way. Needless to say we got up put our coats on and went across to Gladys Knight’s restaurant. No one even bothered to ask why we were leaving without being serviced. So we have decided to stick to the sports bar, MY PLACE in Mitchellvile. It’s a great place with great service and food and at least we can wear our athletic clothing to root for our team on game day!!!! LeVar your restaurant dropped the ball!

  12. Vee Smith says:

    My girlfriends & I heard about the restaurant being opened & thought it would be a great time to celebrate one of my friends bday there! While I was impressed w/ the security & dress code I was not impressed w/ having to stand in a line of 5 people wait to go into a restaurant 1 by 1. The atmosphere, food, & drinks were nice, however my party was not allowed to sit together instead we had to sit between two booths & talk over & around them! Our waitress was pretty good until it was time to clear the check, it took her well over 10 minutes to get back w/ our party. I found myself having to summon her a couple of times. I really liked the idea of the VIP lounge area & Im actually considering having my bday party there! My overall experience was okay,but I understand that it takes time to work out the kinks!

  13. The King of PG says:

    How can a sports bar say no athletic wear? But I’m still gonna check it out.

  14. Very bad service and food on Sunday, March 16, 2008. Compared to Thursday, March 13th for my 50th BD, everthing was excellent. I don’t know what could have happen in 3 days. They ran out of lemonaide, large carry out trays, and no pickles. After sunday, I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

  15. LB says:

    I went there on Friday with a group of friends for happy hour at about 6pm. I had the same problem some one els had already stated. They said they couldn’t seat us unless we were ok with not sitting together. The thing is, there was hardly anybody in there! there were people at the bar area and that was about it. 99% of the tables were EMPTY. They said they were expecting a few parties that eveing and wanted to make sure they had enough tables. My thing is, if that’s how you’re gonna do it you need to put more tables in the bar area. WE LEFT and went to Jasper’s where, though they had quite a few people there,they managed put tables together to accomodate us. Another friend went to Sidelines to meet us not knowinf we had left and she had the same problem. It was only TWO of them.

    …too much drama for me.

  16. Customer says:

    I patroned the Sideline this past Saturday 3/22 after 9pm and sat in the bar area. My experience-I inquired about a martini drink I noticed at another table and the waitress replied “that’s a Sean Traylor is costs $21″ in a way that implied we perhaps could not afford to pay that much. After ordering our drinks, I asked for a drink menu which should have been readily available ant noticed that the Sean Traylor drink was $21 because proceeds were donated to a charity in his name. Now if the waitress would have educated us on this info we would have been more inclined to indulge. We also orderd Ceasar salads and the dressing used was quite tart, I would suggest Sideline try another dressing selection. As with other post the hostesses and seating arrangements need improvement but the music was jammin!

  17. The food was not good, the service was slow, but most importantly, the MANAGER was very unprofessional, unaccommodating, and unfriendly. I explained to the manager the horrible experience I was encountering. Her response to me was “what do you want me to do?” I replied, could you comp 1/2 of our meal. Her response was, “No I can’t do that”. She offered no options and basically walked off. For the restaurant to only have been open for 2 months, you would think the overall service would be exceptional.

  18. I can’t believe the bad response my experince wasn’t any better I had friends who came all the up from Dumfries, VA the food was horrible I order a steak-cheese I only took two bite didn’t eat the rest. I was very disappoint I don’t I’ll ever go back.

  19. Mere says:

    My friends and I decided to check out SideLine on Friday. Being that I am from Baltimore, I have gained an appreciation for the Metro area. However, I could not get a table to eat, because we were waiting for some other people to join us. They basically said that we couldn’t add people to a table that was already seated. My friends and I ended up waiting there for a whole hour and then decided to go to Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles a few feet away.

    I would like to go back there, and maybe even have my 25th b-day there. They just need to lower the prices for the VIP sections.


  20. MetroMan says:

    Hey there. I decided to give this place a try on Wednesday. My experience here was overall pleasurable. I was there in the early evening (7:40pm or so), so it wasn’t very crowded. I sat at the bar and had dinner and drinks. The food was good in my opinion…I had the two crabcake dinner, with broccoli (in lieu of fries). Drinks were good…you can’t screw up grey goose on the rocks. It was a tad bit pricer than I anticipated though. I ended up spending $50. But overall, I was pleased with my experience. Not sure if I’m willing to go at a more popular time to ruin my impression though.

  21. JP says:

    I had the chance to go to Sidelines on Friday night, May 23, 2008. My experience was good and bad. The BAD: The waitress that we had was terrible in every sense of the word. Her name was Candace (yes I’m calling you out). She never smiled, as a matter of fact she frowned the whole time while giving us excuses of why she has an attitude (something about traffic getting there, I don’t care, stay home then), she did not know the menu, we had to request basic items like silverware, napkins, refills. She charged us an 18% gratuity and it was only two of us. I could go on and on…bottom line is she needs another profession, Customer service is not for her. Second, the music was good, however entirely too LOUD. This is not a club, trying to have a simple conversation with someone sitting directly across from you was a task to say the least.

    THE GOOD: I ordered a roasted chicken with baked potato and vegetables, the Chicken was EXCELLENT. Seasoned to perfection, however the baked potato was not fully cooked. It was too hard. Overall, I liked the vibe, and I would try it again, but if i see Candace, I will get another table or just leave altogether.

  22. One Kiss says:

    We went there for the first time a few weeks ago on a friday night. I wasn’t impressed. The line was outside the door. We got in and still couldn’t move. The wait for a table was an hour and a half. My girls wanted to wait so we headed to the bar. There were only 3 people at the bar-2 on our side, 1 on the other side. They looked frantic! It was just another Fridays to me. The bathroom was really nice though. There was a photographer walking around too. Does anybody know the website? lol…

  23. Tela says:

    I went there on the 24th of June for the BET viewing party. I got there at about 8:15pm. I ordered the shrimp poppers appetizer. It was ok, but the shell from the shrimp were inside the poppers. That was a little gross to take a bite and have to chew the shell. I also ordered the Lavar’s Leap. It was $20. A drink with Moet, peach nectar, simple syrup and some other stuff. It was somewhat watery as well as an Asia Tai drink that was $12.
    It was a decent experience though. Nice eye candy. I saw Lavar and Biz Markie.

  24. Dani says:

    I’ve just recently discovered the Sideline this summer and wanted to say that although finding it crowded has been hit or miss…the staff are all very nice. I’ve enjoyed myself during each visit. I’m not one who likes to visit PG County but Sideline has become one of my favorite hangouts.

  25. damon says:

    Ya was thinking about going but I have a few friends who might not be allowed to go in because of there religious beliefs. They cover there heads for religious reasons (sikhs). I called to make reservations and asked about the dress codes. I was told there is a no hats policy. I asked about religious head coverings, in regards to my friends and was told by someone I spoke to at sidelines that there religious views didnt matter and there is a no “HATS” policy. They said that it is not a proffesional look. These guys are doctors and wear armani suits to work, how much more professional do you need!

  26. Joe says:

    if you’re a Redskin fan, you don’t want to eat here.

  27. Porsché says:

    I have the pleause of going to the restaurant today for the first time and I must say that the food was tasty but I was not feeling the service. I was being served by numerous people therefore my order was late getting to the table not to mention I had bus boys serving me WTF??? I guess they were short staffed but I was not pleased with the service however the food was great! I will come back again maybe this time I’ll get one server.

  28. YoGirl says:

    I had the same experience you did on December 6, wow what a weird thing. Walked in, got seated, was told someone would be right over, 20 minutes later no one ever showed up. So, I never got a chance to taste the food, can’t speak on that. I won’t be going back. If they only knew I was a secret diner, they would not have done that. I will be sending my report out today.

  29. Terri S says:

    I frequent this place a lot to watch my favorite team and enjoy the company of my friends, as far as the FOOD it is horrible, I make better salsa the shrimp taste like vandecamps nasty, the signature wings w/lavar mumbo sauce disgusting it taste as tho the grease never gets changed and the blue cheese tasted old, the drinks are quite pricey but ok,this place is good for the game,crowd,drinks that’s it.

  30. sammy says:

    Horrible food and even worse service. The people there act like you are an inconvience when you walk through the doors.

  31. Scott says:

    People got shot up here in Winter of 2009. Big surprise, more shootings and death at the BLVD.

  32. PG Chic says:

    Yea, I heard about that…totally ridiculous. I am sure that was NOT the plan for the Blvd., but it is getting quite the reputation.

  33. Reidson says:

    karen coppa Hi Huner,We just love the place. The food is great and so is the owner. It is a very friendly arsomphete and soooooo close to home. I am s glad you are playing there. We miss you so very much.Love Karen & Carlo

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